Professor Orit Hazzan

Orit Hazzan

Professor Orit Hazzan has four Technion academic degrees. Three degrees of the Department of Education in Technology and Science and an MBA from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (2000). Following her post-doc position in Education Development Center - EDC (1995-1996), Hazzan joined the Department of Education in Technology and Science in October 2000. Her research focuses on computer science and software engineering education. Within this framework she researches cognitive and social processes on the individual, the team and the organization levels, in high schools and software organizations. She has published about 100 papers in professional refereed journals and conference proceedings, Four books (Human Aspects of Software Engineering with the late Jim Tomayko in 2004, Agile Software Engineering with Yael Dubinsky in 2008, Guide to Teaching Computer Science: An Activity-Based Approach with Tami Lapidot and Noa Ragonis in 2011) and 4 SpringerBriefs (Agile Anywhere - Essays on Agile Projects and Beyond with Yael Dubinsky in 2014, The MERge Model for Business Development: The Amalgamation of Management, Education and Research with Ronit Lis-Hacohen in 2016, Risk Management of Education Systems: The Case of STEM Education in Israel with Anat Even-Zahav in 2017, and Application of Management Theories for STEM Education: The Case of SWOT Analysis, with 4 colleagues from her department in 2018). In 2006–2008 she served as the Technion's Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies; In 2007-2010 she chaired the High School Computer Science Curriculum Committee assigned by the Israeli Ministry of Education. In 2011-2015 Hazzan was the faculty Dean. From 2017, Hazzan serves as the Technion Dean of Undergraduate Studies

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