Mathematics MTED Group

Head of the MTED group: Math Teachers Education & Development: Dr. Zehavit Kohen

Objectives and Research topics: The MTED Math Group is engaged in research on the training and professional development of mathematics teachers, with emphasis on mathematical literacy problems with a scientific-engineering context, technology integration, and metacognition.

The research is conducted in the MTED simulation lab, which provides high-quality video-recording of a designated teaching classroom that allows the simulation of a regular classroom by appropriate furniture, using advanced technological equipment including smart panels, robotic cameras from different angles, suitable lighting, acoustic equipment, high-quality audio, and more. Another designated room is designed for graduate students in the research group, which also includes a control room that includes equipment for controlling the video recorded lessons, automatically uploading video footage, while providing an one-way observation into the simulation lab.

Nowadays, the research group focuses on the professional development of math teachers through the Trump Foundation’s Integrated Math And Technology (iMAT) project, which aims to develop, assimilate, and evaluate mathematical literacy problems in a scientific-engineering context.

Research population: Pre-service teachers, teachers and students.