Science and Learning Technologies (SLT) Group

Cloud pedagogy

Group leader: Prof. Miri Barak

Research goals and subjects:

The Science and Learning Technologies (SLT) Group is devoted to the development and integration of advanced learning environments, such as AugmentedWorld, and the exploration of their role in promoting 21st century skills among students in school and higher education. Our research examines cognitive and socio-cultural aspects of group learning, motivation to learn science, and the promotion of innovative and flexible thinking. The studies include the development and evaluation of massive, open, online courses (MOOCs), project-based e-learning, and educational escape rooms. We develop research tools and design innovative pedagogic models, such as Cloud pedagogy, the C3 model, the SOCIAL model, and more.

Study population: School students learning science and technology and engineering students in higher education.

Curriculum: Science and Technology for junior high, Engineering courses in higher education

Links to relevant websites: SLT website, Games of Food project