Biology Education

Group leader: Dr. Dina Tsybulsky

Research goals and topics: The Biology Group at the Faculty of Science and Technology Education of the Technion focuses on the theory and practice of teaching biology in the digital age. The group studies the beliefs, epistemological views, and scientific practices of scientists, teachers, student teachers, and high-school students. Typically, the group’s research projects combine various current philosophical approaches regarding the nature of science (NOS) and the scientific inquiry in the context of Biology Education. The group promotes a substantive (non-instrumental) approach to technology in the digital age. This approach is based on the underlying assumption that in the digital age, basic issues pertaining to the NOS are undergoing fundamental transformations, which, in turn, can lead to innovative ways to conceptualize and construct the processes of learning, teaching, and assessment in the field of science education.

Learning programs: MABATIM 2, MSc and PhD in Biology Education

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