Technion Precedent: First Azrieli Fellow in Education

Congratulations to PhD. student, Naama Ben-Dor for being chosen as an Azrieli Fellow.
Her acceptance is a “Technion First “in the field of education, and we are proud.

The Azrieli Fellows Program promotes excellence in graduate studies at accredited institutions of higher learning in Israel. This competitive and prestigious program provides generous financial support to the best and brightest graduate students, from Israel and abroad who will use their training, research and innovative spirit to become leaders in their respective fields.

The Fellowships are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic merit and other exceptional personal achievements. Candidates are assessed based on their past academic performance, as well as their potential to make cutting edge contributions to their respective fields. Aspects of personal merit and leadership abilities are also taken into consideration. Students who wish to apply must be nominated by an accredited academic institution. In the education field, up to two students are chosen each year.

We asked Naama about her research and her feelings following her acceptance to the prestigious program:

“My research explores students’ dialogues in different disciplines and investigates the commonalities and differences of a dialogic engagement within the disciplines as well as what facilitates and inhibits such engagement.
We all want our children to be engaged in a true dialogue with us and with the people around them. We want them to be attentive to others, to be interested in what people have to say, and to try and understand other perspectives even when they conflict with their own perspective.

Genuine dialogue is valuable, both to individuals and society at large. Therefore, it is important to educate for dialogic engagement. However, this valuable mission, is not always in line with the education system’s mission which is mostly to effectively teach students different disciplines such as mathematics, science and history.

Therefore, in my research I suggest employing a new disciplinary lens for examining dialogic engagement, one that allows the exploration of dialogic engagement as an integral part of the learning process within different disciplines. This way, dialogic engagement could be part of any disciplinary learning process.

I am very happy to be chosen as an Azrieli Fellow, and I thank my advisor, Dr. Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim, for the ongoing support and empowerment; the faculty, the Technion and all the supporters of my proposal; and of course, the Azrieli Fellows Program for the generous contribution”

More about Naama Ben-Dor

Naama Ben-Dor is an excellent PhD student. She holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems, a B.Sc. in Mathematics Education (Summa cum laude) (both from the Technion), and an M.A (Magna cum laude) in Translation studies (from Bar-Ilan University). Naama worked in different educational settings such as The Virtual High school, The Israel Center for the Advancement of Mathematical Sciences, and The Center for Promotion of Learning and Teaching in Tel-Aviv University.

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