Boris Koichu
Assistant Professor
T. 04-829-3895
F. 04 829-5634
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Research Area:
Mathematics education
Room: 318

My research focus is on mathematical problem solving and problem posing, with special reference to learning and teaching mathematics at secondary school and university. Some of my work concerns a question of how insights on problem solving by mathematically gifted students can be implemented in promoting the rest of the students. Research issues that are explored in my group include the following ones:
- What are the characteristics of high achieving secondary school students and experts in mathematics with respect to the components of their creativity, general and mathematical abilities?
- How does learning of problem-solving strategies occur and can be promoted?
- How do cognitive, affective and situational aspects of mathematical problem solving interact?
- How can the feeling of beauty in mathematical problem solving be developed in a regular mathematics classroom?
- How can the complexity of mathematical problem posing as a learning activity be understood?
I believe in the power of mixed research methodology and like using in my research clinical task-based interviewing and design experimentation.