The Second Workshop on Human Aspects of Software Engineering (HAoSE2010)


In conjunction with SPLASH 2010, Reno/Tahoe Nevada, USA 


Sunday, October 17, 2010



Orit Hazzan, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology,

Yael Dubinsky, IBM Haifa Research Lab,





This workshop focuses on human aspects of software engineering. The importance of this topic stems from the recognition that the more the software world is developed, the more it is accepted by the software engineering community that the people involved in software development processes deserve more attention. In this spirit, this workshop attempts to highlight the world of software engineering from the perspective of the main actors involved in software development processes: the individuals, the team, the customer, different organizational role holders, and other stake holders.

The workshop consists of theory- and practice-based presentations, group work and discussions. Workshop activities include: experience sharing with respect to case studies in which human aspects play a central role, examination of different software engineering topics from the human perspective, exploration of how the awareness to human aspects of SE may foster organizational processes, and teaching human aspects of SE in software organizations and in the academia.




Welcome: Orit Hazzan and Yael Dubinsky, Workshop organizers









Session chair: Ohad Barzilay, Tel-Aviv University, Israel


8:40-9:20 (research paper) 

Marwan Abi-Antoun, Nariman Ammar

A Case Study in Evaluating the Usefulness of the Run-time Structure during Coding Tasks


9:20-9:40 (position paper) 

Craig Anslow, Stuart Marshall, James Noble, Robert Biddle

Co-located Collaborative Software Visualization


9:40-10:00 Group work

10:00-10:30  Break








Research methods: Grounded theory


Session chair: Christoph Treude, University of Victoria Victoria, BC, Canada


10:30-10:50 (position paper)

Rashina Hoda, James Noble, Stuart Marshall

Using Grounded Theory to Study the Human Aspects of Software Engineering


10:50-11:30 (research paper)

Ohad Barzilay, Amiram Yehudai, Orit Hazzan

Developers Attentiveness to Example Usage


11:30-12:00 Group work

12:00-13:30  Lunch






User involvement 

Session chair: Craig Anslow, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


13:30-14:10 (research paper)

Lars Grammel, Holger Schackmann, Adrian Schröter, Christoph Treude, Margaret-Anne Storey

Attracting the Community’s Many Eyes: an Exploration of User Involvement in Issue Tracking


14:10-15:00 Group work 

15:00-15:30  Break




Summary and discussion

Session chair: Orit Hazzan, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel


Group work presentations

Reflection & summary 



THE FIRST WORKSHOP WEBSITE: The First Workshop on Human Aspects of Software Engineering (HAoSE2009)



·        The participants share their research work on human aspects of software engineering

·        The participants build a community that further explore human aspects of software engineering 

·        The participants investigate research methods that fit for the exploration of human aspects of software engineering

·        The participants explore cognitive, social and organizational aspects of software engineering

·        The participants deepen their understanding of how human aspects of software engineering influence software development processes


We welcome the submission of papers from the full spectrum of issues related with human aspects of software engineering. For example,

·        Social perspective at software engineering

·        Collaboration and teamwork in software teams

·        Cognitive perspective at software engineering

·        Learning processes in software engineering

·        Ethical issues in software engineering

·        Culture and diversity issues in software engineering 


John J. Barton, IBM Almaden Research Center, USA

Andrew Begel, Microsoft Research, USA

Yvonne Dittrich, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Gregor Engels, University of Paderborn, Germany

Ido Guy, IBM Haifa Research Lab, Israel

Irit Hadar, Haifa University, Israel

Frank Maurer, University of Calgary, Canada

Helen C. Sharp, The Open University, UK 

Gina Venolia, Microsoft Research, USA


Paper submission deadline: August 9, 2010

Notification to authors: at least one week prior to early bird registration deadline

Submission of revised and final version: October 1, 2010

Human Aspects of Software Engineering Workshop: October 17, 2010



We encourage authors to submit a paper discussing experience or research in all topics related to human aspects of software engineering.

Papers submitted to the workshop should contain original contributions that address the workshop's topics of interest.

The workshop welcomes 2 types of submissions:

-      Full papers (maximum length - 8 pages)

-      Position papers describing work in progress or an author's perspective at human aspects of software engineering (maximum length - 2 pages)

Submitted papers must conform to the ACM SIG Proceedings style (2 column, see templates).

Papers are to be submitted electronically at